STBA-L-10 Windmill Blade Adapter

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2020.10.20

Supro Windmill Blade Adapter

Supro Trailer is the most professional manufacturer of the windmill blade adapter in the world, even our technology lead the international adapter market! Supro Trailer already have 3 generations (STBA-L-10, STBA-M-20 and STBA-H-30) of the adapter, we produce over 60 sets windmill blade adapters and customized transporter every single year! For more detail information, we welcome visit the production information "Supro Windmill Blade Transporter" or request a brochure of it from us.


This model adapter is the first generation of Supro windmill blade adapter, so we have accumulated abundant experience on the adapter, and the the technology is so mature for us! The adapter is customized by the windmill blade information, and it can combine with 3 line - 6 axles and 4 lines - 8 axles low bed trailer which also is customzied for the windmill adapter.

Photos of the STBA-L-10 windmill blade adapter

Drawing of the STBA-L-10

STBA-L-10 windmill blade adapter drawing

Video of the STBA-L-10


STBA-L-10 with 3 lines 6 axles low bed trailer

windmill blade adapter

windmill blade adapter

windmill blade adapter

The adapter is combine with the load bed trailer by a slewing bearing, that can make the rotation movements.

windmill blade adapter slewing bearing

windmill rotor blade adapter

The slewing bearing is welded on the low bed trailer through a steel plate, which also be fixed by big bolts and nuts!

windmill blade trailer slewing bearing

windmill blade slewing bearing installation

Windmill blade adapter slewing mechanisim

windmill blade slewing machinism

Supro Trailer installs the control panal on the cargo platform and and customizes a seat for the operation workers.

windmill blade control panel

windmill blade adapter control panel

Supro Trailer use 4pcs hydraulic pumps to do the rotation movement, that enforce the power of the steering moverment!

windmill blade adapter steering pumps

Supro STBA-L-10 use 2pcs cylinders to jack up the blade, and this is our first design of the lifting movement. Except of it, we also can use pulling movement to lift the blade and it is STBA-M-20 generation.

Also the adapter can make the self-rotation of the blade to change the centre of gravity place and adjust the height of the blade

windmill blade adapter

Power pack for the windmill blade adapter

windmill blade power pack

Supro custmizes the flange plate to combine the adapter with blade. Also it can meet different 7 specification of the blade.

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