STBA-H-30 Windmill Blade Adapter

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2020.10.23

Supro Windmill Blade Adapter

Supro Trailer is the most professional manufacturer of the windmill blade adapter in the world, even our technology lead the international adapter market! Supro Trailer already have 3 generations (STBA-L-10, STBA-M-20 and STBA-H-30) of the adapter, we produce over 60 sets windmill blade adapters and customized transporter every single year! For more detail information, we welcome visit the production information "Supro Windmill Blade Transporter" or request a brochure of it from us.


This is the third generation of Supro windmill blade adapter. We have adapted our newest design on the adapter, and also make some operation has visual interface.

The position of the adapter is adjustable. Just like the lever principle, Supro STBA-H-30 adapter can meet various road consition by different adapter position.

The adapter has a visual interface device to check the total weight with adapter and balance cargo. So you can read accuate number of the whole weight, and operate the adapter to meet the road conditions. For above 2 generation adapters, you only can judge the balance weight by experience and deformation of Tyre.

The width of the special low bed trailer is adjustable that it is from 3400mm to 4400mm. You can use this 1000mm distance, to move the low bed trailer Tyre platform from one side to another 1000mm away side. Then you only need a very small radius to make steering, and improve the trailer passing ability.

Drawing of the STBA-H-30

drawing of STBA-H-30 windmill blade adapter

The adapter has an extendable beam to change the position between the adapter and low bed trailer

windmill blade adapter

windmill blade adapter

Two cylinders to make the extendable function

windmill blade adapter

STBA-H-30 has 4pcs weighting device to weigh the balance weight and has visual interface to read the accumate number

supro windmill blade adapter weighting device

Supro windmill blade adapter weight device

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