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Self propelled modular transporter

Gird Carrier/ self propelled modular transporter used for railway precast concrete box girders. Its main features: it can be through the double line tunnel of passenger dedicated line; To feed bridge erect, it can carry erector between operation fields. The girder carrier is tire type, can be split, self propelled, hydraulic drive, convenient for long and short transportation, easy to assembly and disassembly. With the advanced computer technology, the girder carrier can be all-wheel independent steering. Both easy control via remote controller and in carbin.

Supro self propelled modular trailer can combine with Goldhofer THP/SL hydraulic trailer, Nicolas hydraulic platform

Self propelled modular transporter

Heavy duty trailer/hydraulic platform trailer

Overrail size (Length x Width x Height)-------------43.5x6.6x2.32m

Wheelbase and tread------------------------------------Wheelbase:1.7m, Tread:1.2/4.73m

The minimum turning radius----------------------------Outside:40.5m, Inside:29.8m

The maximum loading capacity-----------------------900t

Tare weight--------------------------------------------------250t

Tire type-------------------------------------------------------12.00-20

Rim type-------------------------------------------------------8.5-20

Axle loading capacity--------------------------------------64t/axle line, 32t/axle, 8t/tire

Planet gear reducer----------------------------------------Model: RRTD3600T 154F5918

                    The maximum output torque: T2max=16000Nm, Velocity ratio: i=79.2

Drive hydraulic motor---------------------------------------Model: H1-B-080-A, 

                                                     Output volume:80m3/r, Maximum speed:5550rpm

Hydraulic pump(Closed circuit)--------------------------


                                                       Output volume:250cm3/r, Maximum speed:2400rpm 

Diesel engine------------------------------------------------Continuous power: 400kw/2100rpm

                                                                The maximum torque: 2500Nm/1300rpm 2 sets

Speed and slope--------------------------------------------Speed of full load 0-5km/h

            Speed of unload 0-10km/h. The maximum slope of full loaded: longitudinal-5%


Braking-------------------- ------------------------------Tha maximum working pressure 35Mpa

Control voltage-----------------------------------------24V

The voltage of winch trolley-------------------------380V

Lighting /air  conditioner-----------------------------220V

The capacity of trolley---------------------------------450t

The walking speed of trolley-------------------------0-3m/min

The output force of winch drum---------------------36781kg

heavy duty trailer hydraulic platform trailer self propelled modular transporter